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Sunday, November 18, 2012

the Fairtrade city map!

Well guys.. this is my second coolhunt for the ''experience economy''

While visiting the store dille and kamille which is absolutely a gorgeous store I found this map at the counter.

 What is it?
It's a map of the city of breda that tells you were the fair trade/organic stores are.

Why is it cool?
The reason why it's cool is because people now a days are more conscious about their environment and want to shop environment friendly.
This map does not only tell you were these stores are but it also gives you a combination of stores that would be fun for visiting during your trip, like going to a environment friendly hair salon..or shopping at a vintage store... buying soaps that are animal friendly etc etc.
 The reason why this has future potential is cause people are being more conscious about their environment and how they shop and trying to support everything that has to do with living green.
So by creating this map, people will know all options that exist.

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