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Sunday, November 18, 2012

what a cute store!

Hey guys as you know I'am studying international Lifestyle... and that means that I'll be coolhunting and posting it on my blog :)
Last week we went on a field trip in the city of Breda, where we learned a little bit more about what leisure is and as well a little bit of the experience economy.

While me and my classmates were walking we noticed this super cute store and what caught my attention the most was that the windows frames were pink!

so here it is..

What is it?
The store Knappe koppen is a store that not only sells hand made unique pieces but also a place were you can go and paint your own table ware.

Why is it cool?
One of the reasons why I think it's cool is because of the window frames, that's not all... now a days everyone wants unique products so by being able to paint your own table ware your not only having a unique product but your also giving your table ware a personal touch.
Also when visiting the store it will give you the ''living room feeling''  like if your painting or shopping in your very own living room. this experience belongs to the second phase in this experience economy  called the living room society.
The reason why it might have future potential is because were always looking for something new and unique.

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