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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gender bending time!!

What is it?
This is Alexander Wang's '13 spring campaign using Casey Leger as their androgyn model.

Why is it cool?
Now that you know the meaning of androgyny, you know that their or mentally between man and woman or totally genderless but as we see on Alexander Wang's ad campaign we see model Casey Leger who's actually a Ford's man model!
yes it's true she has a contract with Ford models to exclusively work as a male model.
The reason why I think it's cool is cause on the first picture you can actually see that she's a female but then again you see the combination of femininity and masculinity coming again.
by having the short hair cut and very visible cheek bones one might actually believe she's a HE but after noticing that she actually have breast.. then it's a totally different thought.
Here again we see the bending of masculinity and femininity in fashion.
One of the reasons this trend has future potential is because it's becoming normal to be genderless people are appreciating this trend and becomes more acceptable to be mentally between a man and woman.

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