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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The purse that makes your smart phones battery last forever...

The Ever purse

What is it?
This is the Ever purse! it's a clutch that charges your smart phone automatically when putting your phone in the pocket.

Why is it cool?
Sinds the first time I saw it on kickstarter I knew this would be big someday..
While there are more ladies that are working longer hours and after that still having to meet up with friends with no time to charge their phones... this would be the ideal solution for still being available while being on the go.
This is cool and has future growth potential is because it comes in different colours, the price is not ridiculously high (starting at $186)
and still you will be able to charge your phone whenever it's needed without carrying a tons of chargers!
This is the ideal product for the new modern power and busy woman! 

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