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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home is where the heart is

As much as I like being in the Netherlands there's nothing better than being at mi dushi Korsow!
December is THE most exiting month on the island.....family, firework shows, lots of Christmas dinners, party's, pagara's more food and not to forget every first sunday of january Fuikdag!
while being there the first week for a not so festive occasion me and my boyfriend..which I may call now my fiancé decided to still enjoy the last week and have some fun..
we saw a slightly change on the island for example new stores and restaurant and a more touristic feeling.

I love mc Cafe so i just dropped by for the one and only original new york cheesecake! and a oreo frap! yumm..
normally if I order cheesecake I would get the tiniest piece of cake! the size a 4 year old would eat lol!
but at the mac.. I got such a huge slice that 3 ppl could eat out of it! insane! not to mention their oreo frapp yum yum yum.. I'am missing it already!

Walking on the ''old swinging lady''!

Beautiful Curacao at night!

Yummie sushi at Chopstix! Had the caribbean roll (I guess) for the first time and it was Amazing!! friend banana on a sushi who would think of that?!

And ofcourse after spending quality time with my love at sun escape curacao and got engaged we had to share the news with close family and have a toast!

right here with my love <3

Flamingo time! 

Dinner at boogies punda!

Firework show...

people ready for pagara...

Amnesia's NYE party..

hugemongous onion rings at tony romas.

Snacking at Rose garden..

Partying at fuikdag!


Mac Breakfast!

Yum Yum! hashbrowns!