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Sunday, May 12, 2013

buy me some sustainable sneakers!

Were living in a world were everywhere we go we hear about the economical crisis, but we still love to shop and everything is getting more expensive. but do think sometimes about where these products are coming from or how much the actual cost is?
so that's when I found this company called !SYOU.

What is it?
!SYOU is a company who creates sneakers, these sneakers are produced in collaboration with DAC-Listed nations. these shoes are made by local manufacturers and designed by creative people all around the world.
(The DAC List of ODA Recipients shows allcountriesandterritorieseligibletoreceive official)
What makes it cool? and why does it have future potential?
We may think it's cool because there not only working with local manufacturers and aare paying a fair price to every piece but they also help in a positive economical way in local communities through a two-way trade. by this their not only contribute on a positive image of a country but they also hope for consumers to want more products made of sustainable materials. and of course it's a new approach for sneaker designs.
I believe this has future potential because your not only helping other countries on their economy but also wearing a shoe that has been produced in a healthy environment not made by children but also of materials that probably can be recycled. We also see more brands that are creating biodegradable shoes for example the brand OAT'S. Instead of disposing these shoes you can bury them and by doing this plants will start growing. of course it sounds crazy but it's because of the cork seed-embedded sole.


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