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Sunday, May 12, 2013


While browsing online I came across this Dutch social enterprise called ONEforONE.

What is it?
ONEforONE is a sustainable company from the Netherlands. They sell water bottles, health insurances and green energy on a ONEforONE basis, by that they mean when you buy one you'll be also giving one. for example when buying a health insurance your not only buying a insurance for yourself but your also buying one to an orphan in need in Tanzania.
ONEforONE tries to combine our social impact with economic and environmental sustainability.
by using materials that can be recycled or reused for their water bottles, by selling these bottles the make a small profit which they use to help building water pomps in Malawi but also helps to cover the salaries and rent.

Why is it cool and why does this have future potential?
ONEforONE is a company that not only thinks on how to make profit now, but also helps to create a better world for our future children. people planet profit. that's of course of of the main reasons we can consider this a cool company. Many other companies think most of the time just how they can make profit and benefit their own wallets, for ONEforONE this is not the case, they are not only helping people to have drink water, but their also helping someone to get better medical help and also ways to create green energy so that we don't need to polute our planet by doing this different ways.
One of the reasons why this company has future potential is because their not only thinking for now, but also how they can save the planet for our future people. For the last couple of years we see more and more companies that are thinking about sustainability in allot of different ways and thats one of the reasons these companies have more chance to succeed.


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