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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ReCAB (verbeterd met voorbeelden)

What is it?
It's an 30 years old Mercedes that has been transformed into a enviroment friendly cab that drives by using recycled veggie oil.

Why is it cool?
 The ReCAB is a cool project because your not using just a new car to drive you around, you are using a recycled cab that helps reducing CO2 production.
besides being a sustainable project it's also environment friendly because of it's eco friendly use of Bio diesel.
Not only bio diesel is a new upcoming combustion system but we can also see that we can also find algae bio diesel(to create power) that is being used by farmers which are harvesting wild sea food right at there farms by using algae.
We can also spot the reuse of Cars at this new company called Lola (Spain), Where they reuse old cars and creates new bicycles. These two companies are not the same but definitely are concerned about how we are living our lives now a days and how they can make a change by creating new sustainable products.


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