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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nap like an Ostrich!

What is it?
The Ostrich is a comfortable pillow which can be used to take a nap anytime anywhere you like. It’s specially designed to create a little private nap space while you’re working or on the go.

Why is it cool?
We know Urban Nomads love buying multi funtional products that can be used on the go, but like all humans we all love being comfortable.
This is a product a Urban Nomad would love to buy, a device to disconnect and dream for a short period of time!.
These Urban Nomads are working alot of hours and most of them behind their laptops, so this is ideal for you to use if your in need of a power nap or when traveling long hours/distance.
Another advantage of napping is that it can increase your productivity with 34%!
It might look crazy and you are probably asking yourself how can you breath if you are placing it on your head, but they also thought about that. There’s a hole right where your mout hand nose should be! (Think about an Ostrich taking a nap!).

Why it has future potential:
For the modern Urban nomad is rest also very important thing but somethimes you’re so far away from home that taking a nap on a comfy bed is almost impossible unless renting a room for a couple of hours.  By buying yourself a Ostrich pillow you can take a nap almost anywhere. As much as we love taking naps and would love to buy this pillow the disatvantage is that it looks really crazy and not so fashionable so we’ll have to wait untill a newer model gets out and see ho wit looks like!

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