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Sunday, June 16, 2013

cocooning Around

What is it?
It’s a multi use cocoon. A furniture you can actually live in.

Why is it cool?
Most of us al ready know what a cocoon is, but what makes this one special?
The cocoon 1’s are actually made for being a special place of retreat.
It’s translucency enables us to let our thoughts wander and stimulates allowing us to join life with the outside. It’s definitely and item a urban nomad would probably buy because of it’s multi functions. The Urban Nomad can work here but also play, these cocoons are build in with batteries which can which can be used to allow the stove to operate but also as power for the Wi-Fi which is really important for the modern Nomad.(You can get a cocoon with a power pack of 20,40 hours of light or 30minutes of cooking) This cocoon can be transformed into a working station, a kitchen, a bedroom or even a relaxing room but something else what makes it cool is that it can be used indoors and outdoors and can be hung in the ceiling or trees or even function on water. If you need a little more privacy you can also buy additional accessories for example a sturdy nylon net that you can wear your cocoon, this enables the user to relax in total solitude.

Why it has future potentials:
We’ve seen for the last couple of years that we’re not having so much space anymore to build, live, leisure.
These cocoons do not only look great but are mobile, which let’s you decide where you want to work, play, cook or sleep. This makes it fun for the Urban Nomad to work indoors or outdoors, the only disadvantage of a cocoon is that it’s a little bit more difficult to meet with allot of people cause there’s only space for two.

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