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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Nomad Pet

The Nomad Pet.

What is it?
They are pet renting agencies who are renting pets for a hour, day or week.
Mostly known in big cities like Tokyo or New york.

Why is it cool?
A nomad pet is one of the coolest companions for the modern urban nomad. We know that these busy bees don’t spend so much time at home and are always on the go but still love to be out working, dining/wining and enjoying them selves while working at the same time which makes it really difficult or even impossible to have a pet to take care of. That’s why this might be a great way to spend a little time with these friendly ones, we are also talking here about meet and play at the same time these urban nomads are may not only be able to socialize with pets but can also meet up with friends or co-workers at the same time for a stroll.. Working so much can sometimes cause a little stress by renting a pet during break time can help you relax and spend some time with a little buddy and have the opportunity to know and feel ho wit is to have a pet.
The good news is that these animals are protected by allot of laws to insure you that their are not being stressed and also gives you the guarantee of their wellbeing and cleanliness.

Why it has Future Growth Potential:
This might sound scary but now a days we're working more, spending less time at home, having smaller families, less children or even no children. But as humans we still need something what we can enjoy, somewhere we can go to distress or someone, something to talk to or spend time with. By renting these pets you might not really create that special bond but still have a stroll at the park that can help you relax.


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