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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let's not ship ourselves way

What it Is:
Sleeping around are 4 20feet shipping containers which has been transformed into a hotel room. They don’t only 4 bedrooms but also a breakfast/Lounge container as well as a sauna container.
Why it is Cool:
These mobile hotel containers were spotted for the last time in the city of Antwerp. That’s why it’s important to keep checking their website so you know where they’ll be next.
Even knowing that these Urban Nomads are always on the go and working around is this a very exiting place to spend the night if your in the city for work or pleasure. The concept is very creative and is focused on people who are on the move and don’t exactly have the urge to have lunch or dinner at the container restaurant but also fits perfectly for the ones who want to meet and work. The reason I think this is the perfect place to meet and work is because of their accessibility (location) , has free WIFI (what every Urban Nomad needs) but still has a place where you can go grab something to eat so it makes it really easy for you to meet up with someone and work at the same time.
We can clearly see that this type of hotel has been created for the urban nomads, who will just sleep, get up, work and get going.
Why it has Future Growth Potential:
It has future potential cause not only the mobile nomads are staying at these kind of hotels but also a lot of tourist are looking for a creative but also comfortable place to stay at the same time.
These people who pays a visit at these hotels are also the ones who are not planning to spend the entire day there, the are ready to explore the area, work around, play around and don't expect the ultimate luxury of where they're staying.

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